• Design Module

    Perform cable calculation more accurate

  • Quality Module

    Helps you Develop your desired Quality

  • Semi-Product Quality Plan

    Control, Register snd Trace the Records

  • Integrated System

    Standard, Modern, Easy to Develop

  • Process Module

    Links cable costruction design to Process

  • Packing & Delivery Module

    Provides automation for product delivery

  • Quotation Module

    Facilitates Tenders Document Preparation

  • Model Driven Design

    Facilitates Quick adaption of new Design


* Facilitates Cable process Design/Control
* Helps in management of your cable company
* Assists in preparation of Tender/Inquiries documents
*Supports your Quality control Activities

Quality Control , Planning and Rcords

Quality Control , planning , records and reports , tracability of tests to production is important step of production process.
CableSoft has features both for semi-product and final product test plan and records.

Production and Process Management

Production management is most complex and heart of any Cable ERP or MRP II system. CableSoft provides facilities for design expert operating the software to make cable construction design together process and semi-product design at the same step. So, streaming the production process and planning will be much easy to handle.

Quotation Documention

A Quotation normally consist of Commercial and Technical part . CableSoft facilitate to use output of cable cosnstruction design to provide updated cable price , delivery time , datasheets , …


Basic definition for cable layers , material and coding


Design formulas and reference tables of cable calculation


Construction design progress shett and grid


Cable Design module for construction and semi-product

CableSoft is simple to implement and operate

CableSoft is an effective , user-friendly tool that will advance the engineering process of cable manufacturing.
CableSoft encompass all necessary processes from construction design , implementation of quality standards , semi-product identification and traceability , providing quality records and generation of technical/commercial documentation.

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